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IMA Executive Comittee Members

  1. Bishop Rolly Singh, Chairperson.
  2. Rev. Andrew Semp, Vice – Chairperson.
  3. Rev. Augustine Mathur, Treasurer.
  4. Pas. Paul P. Radhakrishnan, Member.
  5. Mr. James Ragland S, Member.
  6. Bishop D. B. Hrudaya, Member.
  7. Rev. C. Zorammawia, Member.
  8. Dr. Kamala Chiranjeevi, Member.
  9. Rev. Vijayesh Lal, Permanent Invitee.
  10. Dr. M.M. Prasad, Special Invitee.
  11. Mr. Amit Mondal, Internal Auditor.
  12. Dr. Girish J. Khatri.    Co- Opt
  13. Dr. I. Wati Longkumer, General Secretary.

IMA Staff Leadership

  1. Dr. I. Wati Longkumer, General Secretary.
  2. Rev. Dr. Isac Sounderarajan.  Associate General Secretary
  3. Prasada Rao J.M, Operations Manager.
  4. Prakash Chandra Nayak, Executive Secretary Program & Research.
  5. Padmalochan Bagh, Executive Secretary HR & Operations.
  6. Deva Sahayam C.S.W, Finance Manager.
  7. J. Lalrinawma (Marina), Executive Secretary Member Relations.
  8. Zoramathanga, Director Training.
  9. Bethel G. Zhimo, Editor.
  10. Zubeni E. Ovung PS to GS Cum Office Secretary.
  11. Elavarasan G, Program Coordinator
  12. Sagar Bandela, Campus Supervisor.
  13. Arenla Yaden Longkumer, Women Ministry Catalyst.
  14. Theodore Srinivasagam, Executive Consultant.
  15. Francis Sunderaraj, Consultant.
  16. Dr. Rajesh Tiwari. Global Ambassador. 
  17. Rev. Jackin Isravel,  Liaison Officer for Bangalore Office. (He is currently the IEM Secretary for General Administration)

IMA Network Leaders

  1. Bandhu Seva Network: Chairperson: Dr Theodore Srinivasagam, Co-Chair Rev. Paul P Radhakrishnan
  2. Member care Network: Chairperson: Rev Ravi David
  3. India Mission Researchers Network: Chairperson Mr. Rajesh Tiwari

India Missions Association STAFF

Rev. Dr. Wati I. Longkumer is a man true to his calling and passionate about missions in India as well as abroad. He joined the office of the India Missions Association as the General Secretary on 1st April, 2014.
With years of experience in different mission fields across the globe as well as supervising the administration, he continues to strive in bringing out the best of India Missions Association.

Wati Longkumer began his ministry as a Church Relations Coordinator of Clark Theological College, Nagaland, then invested the 7 years in ministry among the University students and pastoral ministry in Shillong, followed by 13 years as missionary in Cambodia together with his wife Arenla Yaden Longkumer and two sons Chizuknok and Longsen

At Cambodia he served in various positions including the Dean of Academics and Vice Principal of Phnom Penh Bible School, the premier Bible College in Cambodia. His other ministry involvement includes: First Coordinator, Mission Kampuchea 2021, first Chairman of Cambodia Cassette (now Community) Bible Institute, World Evangelical Alliance (EFA ) representative to Theological Commission, editorial team of the first Khmer-English glossary of theological words, etc. Recalled to India by his sending Mission – the Nagaland Missions Movement – to be its director till being invited to India Missions Association in 2014.

He also holds other honorary positions of being the Head Chairman, Asia Missions Association; and a Member, Board of Reference Asia 2020, Lausanne

Rev. Dr. Isac Soundara Raja – Associate General Secretary
Prior to joining IMA, he was the CEO of Missionary Upholders Trust, the Director of Missions
and the Principal at the Hindustan Bible Institute, a Bible teacher for over 25 years and
Facilitator of Sharpening Your Interpersonal Skills (SYIS) and Trauma Healing workshops. He
has a PhD in Social Sciences, Masters in Theology (Communication) and a secular MBA (results


Mrs. Arenla Yaden Longkumer began her ministry (after completing her theological studies in India and Korea) as a Youth Counselor with the Nagaland Missions Movement and then moved

on as the Office Manager of Asia Pacific Baptist Federation. Upon marriage she moved along with her husband to Cambodia where she was involved in teaching at PPBS and as Advisor to women Ministry of the Evangelical Fellowship of Cambodia. Upon return to India she spend seven years at Kodaikanal International School as a staff while her two boys studied. Since April 2019 she has taken charge of nascent Women Ministry at India Missions Association.


 Prasad Rao is a retired banker by profession but there is no retirement in extending the Kingdom of God. He joined the office of the India Missions Association as the Finance Manager in the year 2006 and Continued till 2012. He is also one of the elders of the Berachah Prayer House and his Support to this church remains the same in the capacity of the Vice-Chairman & Treasurer. He re- joined the office of the IMA as the Operations Manager in the year 2015. He is married to Dr. Mary Prasad and is blessed with two sons Dan Isaac and Dr. Jason Isaac who are both married.

Lalrinawma (Marina) is the Executive Secretary Member Relations who joined India Missions Association in the month of April 2019. Prior to this he was a missionary serving in different parts of our country namely Madhya Pradesh, Maharashtra, Arunachal Pradesh and Jharkhand under the wings of Baptist Church of Mizoram. A man of few words blessed with a heart committed to serve the Lord in whatever ways he can.


 C.S.W.Devasahayan joined the office of India Missions Association in February, 2011 as the Finance Manager. He is also serving as the Pastor to the Living Evangelical Fellowship for the past 15 years. Prior to his involvement with the IMA, he was working with the Comet Technologies Pvt. Ltd. as the Location Manager for four and a half years.


 Bethel G. Zhimo became a part of the India Missions Association office from January 2019 as the Editor. Prior to this, she served as an assistant youth pastor in her local church (Sumi Baptist Church Zunheboto, Nagaland) for a year, and taught in four different theological institutions in Nagaland and North India.


Padmanlochan Bagh recently joined the office as the Executive Secretary (HR & Operations) in December 2019. Prior to this, he served with Vishwavani Movement as a promotional staff; OM India; Team Leader, Seva Bharat; Finance and Accounts Department and HR Executive, Internal Auditor, Hyderabad; and as Regional Director (South Asia) in International Leadership Training Institute.(ILI)


 Zubeni Bagh joined the office of the India Missions Association as the Personal Assistant to the General Secretary in 2016. She also served as the Senior District Coordinator Seva Bharat for eight years and six months before joining the office of India Missions Association. An enthusiastic woman of God who not only handles paper works in the office but her presence is felt in the hospitality and housekeeping of the India Missions Association campus.


Prakash Chandra Nayak is the new Executive Secretary (Director for Research and Program), who rejoined the office of the India Missions Association in December, 2019. Prior to this, he served with the Operations Mobilization, Ranchi as a team member and leader; Executive Secretary, India Missions Association and Training Coordinator, Vision India.


Zoramathanga is the Director of Missionary Training at India Missions Association. Prior to his involvement with India Missions Association, he was a missionary in Patna, Bihar for seven years. He is married to Mrs. Laltinkimi and they are blessed with two daughters and a Son.  Mr Lalhosea, Ms. Annie and Ms. Debora.


Elavarasan G joined as the Program Coordinator in 2017 and prior to this, he was with the Operation Mobilization India. During his involvement with the OM, he served as the Book shop

Assistant and a Facilitator in the International College of Cultural Studies and School Manager.

For quite some time, he also served as an Assistant Pastor of St. John Church A.S.Rao Nagar (Tamil).


 B. Sagar joined the office of the India Missions Association as the Campus Supervisor in 2009 and continues till date. A man with a serving heart who is quite zealous to look out for the well-being of all the guests in the vision city and elsewhere too. Prior to his involvement with the India Missions Association, he was working in Vision Tech for almost a decade

 Mukkanti and his wife Kotirathnam are blessed with two sons, one daughter and three grandchildren. He started his work with the IMA in 2006 as security guard, campus supervisor and currently he is working as the gardener. Before coming to India Missions Association, he was pastoring a church namely Faith Home Church, Kastala Village.

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