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The challenging areas of missions are growing rapidly along with the need for raising effective workers to address it. To respond and address these challenges, IMA is constantly trying to raise the awareness of mission organizations and churches to face the challenges head on and empower the lay people to be effective witnesses in the areas of their work.

IMA members have believed strongly from the beginning of IMA on networking because of the fruits and growths the mission in India has experienced. Hence IMA has created several networks based on the mission challenges in India. At present there are 14 such networks which address and respond to 12 different Indian National Mission Challenges. There are few more in the process.

The 14 networks are...

  1. Bandhu Seva

  2. Neighbours

  3. Urban Ministries

  4. Youth Ministries

  5. Children Ministries

  6. Women in Missions

  7. Tent-makers

  8. Research

  9. ETHNE – 100 mega people

  10. Member Care

  11. Board Members

  12. Middle Class Challenge

  13. Elite/Affluence Focus

  14. Training

IMA Network Leader:
Network Convener - Dr. Theodore Srinivasagam


Why Networking?
IMA constitutes organisations working locally, regionally, nationally and globally.  IMA’s nearly 244 members have as many or more vision, mission and focus.  Methods and strategy are also varied. Therefore there is a need for smaller networks within IMA.

We need to learn to work together. We can work together in the form of a partnership or a network. Partnership is more structured and evolves out of informal relationships.  Networks are less structured and built on personal relationships.

In order to work together, we need to build strategic relationships.  This is basically networking.  Successful networking will result in long term partnership.

Within the IMA partnership, we are creating various networks that helps member organisations to build relationships to enhance their ministries.

What does IMA Networks do?
Relationship - IMA Network’s encourages member missions working in specific area of ministry or region to relate with other like-minded missions.

Broad picture - IMA Network’s facilitate the member organizations / missions to broaden their vision nationally and some times globally and see the larger needs.

Shared Action - IMA Network’s facilitate the meeting of common needs through sharing of resources, information, expertise and experiences.

Co-ordination - Networking works best where there is a leader or a team of leaders to make it happen as facilitator or coordinator. However, all networks are independent and run with their own coordinator and core group. IMA will continue to facilitate effective coordination and administration.

Results - Networking and its results are as varied as the people and groups involved in it. As networks develop they can grow to become an independent association or partner agency and continue to relate to IMA.  

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