Registered Office: 38, Langford Road, Bangalore 560025

Administrative Office: 5-47, Kundanpally (V), Keesara (M), R R District, Hyderabad 501301




Bishop Lazarus Lalsingh,
Treasurer, IMA


Dear Honorable Members,


I am grateful to the Lord Almighty for giving me the privilege to serve the Lord as the Treasurer of this National body, the Indian Missions Associations.


Once again it is my privilege to present before you the financial report of the IMA. Moreover, I am thankful to you, the members, for accepting me to take up this responsibility. 


I am happy that Dr RTheodore Srinivasagam, General Secretary, Rev Dr Wati Longkumer, Associate General Secretary and Rev Devasahayam, the Finance Manager unitedly are doing a fine job as far as finance management is concerned.


The year 2014-15, IMA faced a lot of financial challenges, but DrSrinivasagam, and his team through diligent management were able to weather the crisis thus far. For that we can only say "well done". However, as you will be able to see from my report that the crisis is not over, and we as members need to take serious responsibility to see that IMA's financial position is made healthy once again.


The total income for the Fiscal year 2014-15 is Rs. 24, 32,701/- including fixed deposits amounting to Rs.6,91,877/-. The Closing balance for the year is Rs.12,992/- only excluding the fixed deposits. Moreover, when we take a closer look at the accounts we will notice that the general donations excludingthe programs, for the same period is only Rs. 3,04,499/- .


The membership collection is sadly very low, only Rs. 3,70,500/- from 66  Member Missions (actual for 2014-15 isRs 5,87,047/- including arrears). A cursory look beginning from the year 2007 to the present year indicate that in the past nine years sadly 44 Member Missions have never paid.


The Financial situation has not improved either even in this current fiscal year. It should be noted with appreciation that DrSrinivasagam, with great difficulty is somehow able to find resources to continue paying the salary of the staff. But such a national institution cannot function and will not be able to address any of the goals and objectives of the association, if we do not have resources to even pay the salary of its staff. Therefore, we should all be concerned. 


One of the steps the General Secretary has initiated is to find support for the staff from among the member missions. We are grateful to several Missions who have responded positively to this scheme. Four missions are giving regularly, 4 have given at times and 4 have promised to give. It is my plea and hope that more member missions will commit themselves to this project. To support the present numbers of staff we need at least 20 Member Missions who would commit to contribute at least Rs 5,000/- a month.


Beside this, you would notice that there are many more needs this year and I request you to kindly and prayerfully consider the area you can assist the IMA office. Some of the urgent needs are:


1.       Office equipment Upgrading

2.       Office Renovation

3.       Electrical Underground Cable

4.       A Vehicle replacement

5.       Campus Accommodation Renovation etc.



We will need to strengthen the IMA in order for mission work in India to progress well. So let all of us prayerfully consider our part in strengthening IMA.


A detailed report of the Finances of IMA, including the auditorís report, is enclosed.


We are grateful to the Auditors, Messrs.JebasinghJothi, Chartered Accountant and his team for their invaluable assistance in the auditing work and advice.


Lastly, but not the least, I wish to register my thanks and gratitude to that Dr R Theodore Srinivasagam, General Secretary, Rev Dr Wati Longkumer, Associate General Secretary and Rev Devasahayam, the Finance Manager for their tireless and efficient work on the financial matters.


Respectfully submitted


Bishop Lazarus Lalsingh,

Treasurer, IMA